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There is no one above us telling us to take a break. Make a pause. Have a vacation. No system in place that requires we take the standard 6 weeks of paid German vacation. And suddenly we find ourselves realizing that it has been over 2 years since we've paused. Last month we decided our bones were worthy of rest so in a massive step of faith we marked 4 days in our calendar for vacation. Gulp. We had $5 in our bank account when making this declaration but faith in our hearts that it would work. Days later we got an offer to come to Italy and stay at the beautiful airbnb in Vittorio, Veneto we stayed years ago in. And days after that a show opened up for Liz and the Lions in Austria on the way there that covered the majority of the trip. Days after that we got a small graphic design job that covered and a donation for pizza and coffee. Moral of the story: take a damn break. It will all work out. You are worthy of rest. He will meet you there.

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