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We are thankful for all the women in our lives that have been mothers to us. We both have been raised by two incredible women who taught us, molded us and loved us into the men and women we are today. We are also thankful for all the other “mothers” in our lives. Our leaders, friends, teachers, mentors who lead us, fought for us, taught us, prayed for us, and comforted us with the motherly heart of the Lord. But today we want to focus on the silent group of women and children who find today less joyful because we believe today is also about them.

We realize that Mother’s day is not easy for everyone. Many people struggle today. Many have lost their mothers. Have an estranged relationship with their mothers. Have estranged relationships or lost their children. Have been abused or abandoned by their mothers. Never met their mothers. Or are desperately trying to become mothers. This day to many does not feel like a day to celebrate but a day of mourning. A day to hide away from society, church, and social media and try to escape. But today, we want you to know that you are not alone and you do not need to hide.

Your story, even in its brokenness is beautiful. And it is yours. And it is ours as a community to walk with you in. And more importantly it is God's. God is not afraid, to small or too distant for you and your story because He is part of it. God, the mother, knows your pain. God knows what it means to lose a child. Knows what it means to be misunderstood and pushed away from your children. Knows what it means to desire to have children. And in that understanding, God is more equipped to be with you today in your hiding place and fill you up, than any bouquet of flowers or warm wishes ever could. God’s love can comfort you like the mother you miss. Or the child you desire. God the mother is enough. 


For those of you who do not struggle today, how beautiful is that! We encourage you to take your joy today, look beyond your celebration and reach out to those in your community who might need your attention and support. Be a mother to the motherless. A friend to the barren and Jesus to the lost and broken. 

And today if you find that no one is reaching out to you. If today is to hard to handle, and you need someone to talk to or pray for you. Contact us, we want you to know you’re not alone: themannchens@gmail.com


Shout out to Sal and Ingrid who raised our hearts to look beyond ourselves and love others. You are the best!