3 of our Favorite Books, Albums & Films – Do You Know Any of These?


During this season of preparing to head into our new adventure on the mission field. Life has been fast, white-knuckle, and often a unique mix of exhilaration, sleepless nights, and a lot of prayer!

One thing that God used to anchor us through this season of transition was literature, music, and film that comforted, inspired and challenged us to keep moving forward in our pursuit of Arts & Missions! 

If you’re in a season of transition, looking to deepen your walk, or just want a good read, album to listen to or film to watch consider checking these out. There are tons of great titles out there, but these were really meaningful to us.


Book 1: 'ART and the Bible'- by Francis A. Schaefer 


This little book is an easy and quick read. Honestly, it is super old school. It was released in the 70s and I caught myself several times thinking "really that was a thing back then?“. However, thats what made it interesting for me, because it gives a good understanding of the foundational groundwork that had to be done in the church to get the basics of art and the church established and Schaeffer is pretty amazing arguing with stories from the bible.

- ULI 

This is what google book says about it...

"The lordship of Christ should include an interest in the arts," writes Francis Schaeffer. "A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as tracts, mind you, but as things of beauty to the praise of God." Many Christians, wary of creating graven images, have steered clear of artistic creativity. But the Bible offers a robust affirmation of the arts. The human impulse to create reflects our being created in the image of a creator God. Art and the Bible has been a foundational work for generations of Christians in the arts. In this book's classic essays, Francis Schaeffer first examines the scriptural record of the use of various art forms and then establishes a Christian perspective on art. With clarity and vigor, Schaeffer explains why "the Christian is the one whose imagination should fly beyond the stars."

Album 2: 'By the Way, I Forgive You' -  Brandi Carlile 


Brandi Carlile’s ‘By the Way, I Forgive You’ album is non stop on repeat in our house and car these days.  Narrating many themes of family, forgiveness, diversity, and acceptance we ourselves have been swimming through. This album will make you cry, make you want to hug your long lost friends and help you let go of chapters in your life that no longer need to be your story.- LIZ 

“Songwriter Brandi Carlile teams up with co-producers Shooter Jennings and Dave Cobb for a moving and righteous piece of Americana-infused pop. Across the 10-track LP, the folk-tinged singer belts with gusto, whether offering nostalgic, harmonized forgiveness on (the) album”- Rolling Stone


FILM 3: 'Faces and Places'-Agnés Varda, JR

This is a brand new documentary that was just released 2 weeks ago. I got to admit I was quite intrigued by the 100% Tomato rating on iTunes. I mean seriously how many movies do you know with a 100% tomato rating? I would have watched it, even if it would have been about something completely random…like chewing gum for example. 

However, we are following JR´s work for years already and have participated in his Inside Out project some years ago.  This documentary is about two French artists - photographer JR and (the legendary) director Agnes Varda - going on a beautiful adventure, meeting many new friends on their way and sharing magnificent stories.- ULI 


This is what Rotten Tomatoes says about the movie:

Agnès Varda and JR have things in common: a passion for and the exploration of images in general, and more precisely, for places and for ways of showing, sharing, and exhibiting them. Agnès chose cinema. JR chose to create open-air photography galleries. When Agnès and JR met in 2015, they immediately wanted to work together, to shoot a film in France, far from cities, during a trip in JR's photographic (and magical) truck. Through chance encounters and prepared projects, they reached out to others, listening to them, photographing them, and sometimes putting them on posters. This film also tells the story of Agnès and JR's friendship, which grew stronger throughout the film shoot, between surprises and teasing, and while laughing about their differences.

We love sharing things that are inspiring us! 


What are some of your favorites? We’d love to hear them — especially if you’re in a season of transition.

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