T   E   N  -  Y   E   A   R   S

I wish this is what was on the cover of Time magazine: someone who has given

“a decade of service.”

Today is Uli’s 10 year in YWAM. 10 Years ago he had a vision: to use art in missions to change the world. And for 10 years I’ve seen him following this vision. Wrestling with it. Expanding it. Inspiring others with it. Being defeated by it. And then getting up time after time to try for it again. I have seen him fight to bring this vision around the world to hundreds of cities, countries, villages and homes. I’ve seen him go and serve in lands that no one dares to visit. To people who no one wants to care for.

I’ve seen him serve babies from being killed. Prostitutes from being exposed. Teenagers from being abandoned. Homeless from the streets. Men from the pain of HIV. Refugees from war torn nations. Orphans from desertion. And Teeny bops and Cosplayers from the void of the world. I’ve seen him speak into the lives of thousands of artist and people around the world who he has either lead or traveled near and far to go reach. I’ve seen him stand in front of 3,000 people in China as well as 1 person in a shack in Ethiopia, and have the ability to make everyone feel like they too can be a superhero.

I’ve seen him say “yes”, time and time again. Yes to the sacrifices that comes with missions. Yes to commitment, dedication, perseverance, grace and faith that it takes to stay in missions for 10 years. I’ve seen him say yes to traveling to Africa to the poorest of the poor when he only had $3 to his name. I’ve seen him say yes to sleeping in trash dumps, slums, tribes, red light areas, and years in run down, mold infested apartments, all in order to bring the good news. Yes to giving up the rights to a “nice life” or the freedom of his 20’s.

I’ve NEVER seen him say “no” to serving. No to someone needing food or housing. No because of lack of finances or supporters. No because he’s been hurt. No because of hard seasons. No because he felt lost and confused and without vision. I’ve never seen him not take responsibility for his own mistakes or failures or be the first to admit he was wrong.

And never once in 10 years have I ever heard him say “I regret____”.

Nine years ago someone said to me “marry the person you see Jesus in the most.” And at that time, I hadn’t seen Uli do any of these things. But still, it was he whom I saw Him in the most. And today, I am still convince of that. I’d follow you another 10 years Uli. Thank you for all you’ve done. Here’s to 10 more years! 


Photo by Taylor Pool- Design by Lee Roy Bender