My 30th Birthday!


Let me start off by saying that due to the fact that my birthday is two days after Christmas, I very rarely every had anyone at my birthday party outside my family and maybe 1 or 2 close friends. I can count on my fingers how many times in my whole life I had an actual "party, party". It never really bothered me, seeings as I'm an introvert-I'm totally cool with small crowds. But I have always dreamed about having a day where many of the people I so love from around the world could all be in one room with me together. And this just so happened yesterday on my 30th Birthday! 

My friends flew from England, Budapest and South Africa and extended and changed holiday plans to be here with me. Other friends and family drove from all over Germany to come in and celebrate, and not to mention my family who flew over from the States and extended their trip for my birthday (which means my dream of being woken up by nephew kisses on my birthday came true.) It was a dream come true having so many people from all over celebrating with me. 

In the morning, family and a few close friends joined me at brunch in the beautiful new Ill Amore cafe downtown. We ate from beautiful food platers, drank loads of coffee and cake and I teared up a few times being at one table with so many people I love so much all their simply to celebrate my life- one in which they all have contributed to making so wonderful. All my gifts made me cry as they were so personal, thoughtful and made with such love. 

That night- the wild began.  England, Budapest, South Africa, Japan, Syria, America, Canada, and Germany collided together in a small apartment in Nürnberg and partied like it was 1986! Cakes made by all my friends (thank you Ingrid, Gabriella and Rebecca). Wonderful drinks (thanks Vitaliy). A "memory wall" with favorite moments with me (blushing.) Disco lights. Photo booth. Marshmallow roasting station. Games. Laughs. talks. More amazing gifts and....

Dancing! My big sis Caroline, made the most incredible play list of all my favorite songs from 1986-2016. We're talking songs made the year I was born. Songs I had my first dances too. Songs I sang crying in the car after my firs break up. Songs that made me want to write music. Songs I danced to at my wedding. And songs that no one else liked but me (hence why I danced a lot alone.) From Spice Girls to Bowie baby. Dashboard confessional to TLC. Best Present Ever.

It was a lovely night with lovely friends and family. I wished so many more of you would have been there to celeberate with me, but your warm wishes and cheers from around the world through cards, emails, messages and phone calls made me feel so loved. Thank you all so much!

Yesterday was so magical. Who knew birthday parties could be so fun. Ok 30, if last night is any indication as to how fun you're going to be- I'm in! Lets do this!