300€ To GO!

Like we mentioned in our update last week, we will be traveling with the rest of our Pick a Pocket team back down to Ethiopia this Friday! This will be a bitter sweet trip as we are bringing The Koshe Project, the project we devoted the last 5 years of our lives to running, to a close.

6 years ago we walked into a garbage dump in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. We met the most beautiful children. From 5-18 years olds, covered in dirt, tattoos and smiles. The next 5 years would hold more for all our lives then anyone could ever imagined. After years of working together as a team to get these kids out of the trash dumps, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, we have come to an end. With bright futures of education, job opportunities and hope ahead, we realized the project that once served as a rescue center is now no longer needed for these teenage girls. 

The girls are older now. They are ready for a new chapter in their lives. New adventures, new stories. We hope to help them figure out what those chapters look like and how to write them with them together. But as for this chapter: "The Koshe Project." It's time to read the final line. 

Our team of 5 have all booked our flights for this Friday to travel down to Addis. Yahoo! We will be there for 10 days in order to properly close down the project as a team and with the girls. We will also be visiting our good friend Solomon and helping him out with some medical needs. After that we will be seeking the Lord for whatever it is He has next for us in this beautiful country we've come to call a second home. 

Please stand with us Mannchens in prayer and finances! We still are not completely covered financially in order to cover the cost of our trip. Here is a break down of the cost covered and the 300€ we need by friday! 


Total Cost For Uli & Liz: $1,425/ 1,254.788 € 

Raised: $1,135/ 1,000 €

Mannchen Needs: $340/ 300€ 

Breakdown Of Cost

Flights (for 2) : $1,135/ 1,000 €-RAISED YAHOO!!!!!

Visas (for 2): $40/ 35€ 

Ground transportation (for 2):$30/ 25€

Food(for 2): $100/ 89€

Housing (for 2): $170/ 150€

Thank you for believing in us. Some of you, you have been reading our updates and supporting us from the first time we cast vision for Koshe. You have been as much a part of this project as we have. You have prayed for these girls. Sacrificed finances in order from them to have food and education. Walked with them in their incredible growth. Fought for them through spirit and friendship and helped us carry them with the Lord. You have changed lives. You have helped build this kingdom. Thank you for all your hard work! 

Lets finish this project out in the best way we can!!! 


Flash back... 2009. Where it all began.