We just arrived back home after being out on the road the past two weeks. The tour was more successful, fruitful and rewarding then we could have imagined- but boy are we tired now! We made our way, counter clock wise around Germany starting in Nürnberg, playing and sleeping in different cities every night. The tour was used in order to launch The Pillalu Project: an orphanage in india that supports 28 children that we are now in partnership with. Each show consisted of a concert from our band Liz and the Lions, information on ways to get connected to the project as well as an exhibition of collaborative art done by the members of the team. 

On September 11th Liz and the Lions launched our new album
“The Lore of the Burly Beasts”.
The album has been doing very well and has been well receive here in Germany. We’re pretty excited about the exposure  it’s already gotten in the past two weeks through radio stations, newspapers and magazines in Germany. The tour was an amazing opportunity for us to launch the new album and use our music as a way to connect people not only to The Pillalu project but also to the Lord. 
Click the cover to listen to/ get the new album. 

Liz hanging out with some of the Beasts from the new album "The Lore of the Burly Beasts"

Liz hanging out with some of the Beasts from the new album "The Lore of the Burly Beasts"

The “Pillalu Exhibition” consists of 15 art pieces done by members of the Pick a Pocket team: Taylor Pool, Ruth Pool, Ashley Davis and Uli!  From water colors and oil paints, to fine art photography, the team collaborated on tackling portraits of the individual Pillalu kids as well as the culture they live in. They wanted to reflect the value, identity and individual characteristics of each child. We love the take that each artist had on this project. Following this tour the team will continue expanding this exhibition and will begin preparing to take it around the world through many exhibitions. A few on our radar right now are China, Atlanta and Paris! 

Here are some of the new photos from Uli. He has been mastering a new technic called “hand colored black and white prints". What you see here are not colored filmed photos, or photoshop photos. They are black and white, fine art prints taken with a medium formate camera. Once developed and printed in the dark room Uli hand paints each photograph with special oil paints to match the natural colors of the image. Uli has been developing this technique over the past years. Each photo takes weeks to master. This is the first series he has launched with this technique and the response has been incredibly powerful! If you are interested in a print please contact us. A percentage of the proceeds go towards the Pillalu Project.  Bellow is a video on how his work is done! Also check out for more photos!

The launch of The Pillalu project was incredibly successful. We shared the story of the children through our short film, concert, exhibition, brochure and one on one talks with individuals. Not only were we able to raise a large portion of the 3,000€ needed to build a new home for the children, we got ALL 28 CHILDREN SUPPORTED MONTHLY!!! This was the biggest joy for us. We can’t tell you how excited we are to know that 28 families and individuals around the world will monthly be pouring into the lives of our Pillalu children. This is a huge triumph for this project. Each and every child will now have enough monthly support for food, clothing, housing and education.
If you'd like to support the last child let us know! 

One of the highlights for us was playing for Syrian Refugees. As most of you (should) know, thousands of Syrian refugees are flooding into Germany. We had the honor of meeting many on our tour, playing music for them and connecting with them personally. From little girls who were hung up on every song and fell in love with the album artwork and the tails of the Beasts. To the men who said our music was “the biggest blessing they could receive right now” and then continued to play our instruments and be “Lions”. It was a huge blessing for us to be surrounded by these treasures. We were stoked to come back to Nürnberg to find out all the amazing things our base is also getting involved in now to help with the crisis!

All in all it was an amazing Tour. Thank you all for loving and supporting us. It’s been a wild ride and it is so evident to us how faith God is. From getting Pick a Pocket back in action, the album launched, orphans supported and refugees blessed- He is a good God and all we have to do is say “yes” to Him. And the adventures begin!
 Have a great weekend everyone!