ULI'S 30!!!! This guy. I tell ya. WORLD CHANGER. I decided to go all out this year for him. I've been planning this birthday for a year now and I think I've been more excited about it then him-HA! Turning 30 didn't seem to phase Uli in the slittiest. I think Uli gets cooler and wiser every year and the big 3-0 was nothing more then a notch of accomplishments to add to his "bat belt." I seriously hope I'm that cool when I turn 30. Probably not. I'll be the dramatic one crying in the closet eating chocolate cake crying about all the things I never got done in my 20's- how lame. 

Anyways...(focus on Uli, Liz). So  I decided to use the whole weekend to celebrate his awesomeness. Uli is my biggest inspiration because he is my real-life-superhero. Every day he wakes up and asks the Captain how he can serve His kingdom. How he can use his talents and powers for good and not evil. How he can fight for the lost and weary. Orphans and widows. Justice and not evil. He champions and trains other superheroes to go out and fight battles that will bring this world out of darkness and into the light. He acknowledges his weaknesses but focuses on his strength. He takes risks. Lives for adventure. Provokes inspiration and still manages to make it home every night to eat dinner with me. Pretty cool. Pretty cool. 

So here is to Uli's Birthday weekend! 

Friday night I had a little get together with some high class superheroes. I tell ya, getting this many superheroes off the streets fighting crime and into my apartment took quite some work... but even superheroes need to take a break every once in a while and dance. eat cake. and be merry.

Uli came as Cyclops. Which I adore. Uli is known for his big glasses right? Well, being a photographer he is always hoping that one day his eyes will be healed and perfect again. But so did Cyclops. He hoped that one day his ability to shoot lasers and fire with his eyes would just go away and he would become healed, and "normal." But they never were. They never were healed. So what then?  He decided to use this amazing ability as a blessing and not a stressing in order to fight for the greater good and for justice: So babe, stop worrying about those eyes: they to are dynamite! (hopefully not litterally or we really need to invest in better glasses!!) 

Besides Cyclops and Storm (me), we were graced with the wonder presence of friends like Beast, She Ra, Poison Ivy, Batman, "uli 10 years ago" (my fav), Mario and many, many more! Well done friends! And a big CONGRATS to BATMAN (Ryan) who won the costume competition!  

To make the party hopping I created a Gotham City photo booth, Spiderman's web dance floor (yes that is a 6 foot tall spiderman balloon thank you very much) minion balloons that roamed through at the house and many desserts and treates. 

These are a few treats from the party. Including Spiderman's swizzles, Iron Man's Munchies, Captain America's Shield, Stay Puft marshmallows, Thors Hammer and more!  Big thanks to Gabriella for making Uli's Cyclops birthday cake. She thought it would be ironic to not make the X-men Cyclops but the actual Cyclops... I giggled. Oh how I giggled. Thanks Gabriella! 


Then on Saturday we enjoyed our traditional birthday coffee and cake time with the Schlegels. Süß! 

On Monday I woke Uli up on his actual birthday with waffles, music and 30 presents he got to open throughout the day! We then road our bikes into town, got coffee and dreamt about his goals for this year! A few being: exhibitions, more outreaches to the poor and reaching platinum in Starcraft : ) 

I surprised Uli with many things that day. One being his family showing up! 

The next being us all going to a theme park! Rollercoasters, slides, animals, friends & family- everything Uli said he wanted for his 30th! 

It was an incredible day that I've been looking forward to for quite some time. Watching Uli giggle like a kid on his 30th birthday pretty much makes my heart sing. I just love it. Hope that never stops! 

Tonight the festivities continued! It was Ashley's birthday (happy birthday Ashley!) today so we continued the celebrations with burgers and the Folks Festival! What a fun way to end a long weekend of fun birthday celebrations!!!  


So my dear Uli. May this year be full of life. Full of wild adventures that challenge, grow and shape you into even more of an incredible man. Full of choices that direct you on a path of righteousness. Full of friends and family that mold you into the best version of yourself. Full of fun. Video games. Ice cream. Action figures and  bike rides. And full of time with me. Because I sure don't get tired of being your side kick to this crazy journey we are on. 

To my BOOM. ZAP. 30 BABY