470 TO GO!!!

We've official been Nürnberg residence for a little over  1 month now! We love our new apartment and still can't believe we are living in a home that we don't have to move out of right away! We are so passionate and excited about living here and investing into our community. Seems like every night at The Mannchen's there's a party going on! From staff and students hanging out, eating and enjoying fellowship with us.  Neighboors coming up joining our dance parties, bringing us pizzas and telling us stories of their hamsters (yes, 20 hamsters live bellow us... ok)  Friends sleeping in every room imaginable on mats and sleepings bags as they wait to find permanent housing in the city and two little dogs that come and go as they please!! WE LOVE OUR COMMUNITY! It's quite a crazy ride this pioneering adventure, but man is it fun!! 

As we pack our home with our guest we'd also love to continue packing it with some esential funiture pieces! We were unbelivably stoked about the beautiful fridge that so many of you supported us with! Some times, late at night I sneak into the kitchen just to look at it teheheh. I thank God for each and every person that gave towards it and I smile knowing that forever we will feel those people's personal presence in our home... they are part of it's foundation! Doesn't she look pretty in our kitchen!!! 

We are still wanting to fill the rest of The Mannchen with a sofa, dinning room table and dryer! Right now as everyone piles in here, we are sitting on wobbly chairs in the living room. Eating dinner on the floor or on Taylor and Ruth's coffee table (which will be leaving very soon as they just found out they got an apartment: WOOHOO!!) And hanging our clothes outside on the balconie clothes line..which leads me to the story of the amazing adventure I had last weekend where I found myself  looking on every one of my neighboors balconies bellow for my bright pink undies that  fell off of our  balconie while trying to dry during a thunder storm. hmmmm I still haven't found them....akward. yeah. ok. 

So lets continue to FILL THE MANNCHEN! We've aready raised 1,200! WOWZERS! Now 970 doesn't seem like such a huge mountain for us! Again, like I wrote a few weeks ago... this is the first time in 7 years of being missionareies, living off of support and living by faith that we've ever stepped out and fundraised for for furniture for our home. Our fundraisors always go towards our projects, mission trips and ministry cost. Things that are so vital and strategic for our ministry. But recently. As we look at the community that flocks to our living room every night. Cooks in our kitchen or lays their heads to rest in our home...we are begining to see that a sofa isn't just a nice piece of furniture for our living room, it's a community builder. A dinning room table is a fellowship consumer and a dryer... well, it's gonna keep me from having akward moments with my neighboors hopefully from now on! So Would you like to help us Fill The Mannchen? Lay roots. Invest into this ministry. Invest into our community. Invest into our home. Into our lives. We'd love for you to be part of it all!!! 

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