After 4 years of picking up and moving apartments every 6-12 months and 4 months of living in guest rooms and wondering if we’ll ever find an apartment,  we are unbelievably excited to move into our NEW apartment TUESDAY!!! 

We are hoping that we will get to stay in this one a little bit longer then a year : ) We really want to dig in here in Nürnberg, lay roots into the foundation of what God wants to do with us here and invest like crazy into this place. And we want to start with our home! For the last 4 years we have moved from place to place. All of our furniture, minus a few bits and pieces, have been found objects from the side of the road or handed down from others who left things behind for us-which have been incredible blessings and treasures! However we really want to invest long term into our home and start this season off with NEW things. 


In our lives we feel that God is speaking that He “doesn’t want to fix broken things. He wants to give us new things.”

He wants to do this with our lives, heart,  ministry, and also in our HOME! Jesus is always preparing a room for us in our Father's house. And man, this apartment, He must have been doing a lot of renovations to get it perfect for us since it took so long : ) And with this beautiful, heaven kissed blessing, we asked ourselves: why would we bring a bunch of old, broken furniture into this place? Why not bring in new things for a new season!

So for the first time ever in the 7-8 years we’ve been in YWAM, we are going to try something crazy and new for once:




Even as we write this we are thinking about all the other things we need money for! All the outreaches we need to go on this year. All the finances we need for flights. For visas. For our projects on the field. For anything other than things like a sofa or tables. (pssshhh how boring.) But we go through this every year. We convince ourselves that tables that don’t have broken legs or fridges that work more then 50% of the time, will just magically fall out of the sky (an they could, we've known God to do bigger miracles). But we've become passive and stopped believing that God wants to give us good things.  We end up thinking that somehow, even though God called us into missions and to live a life of faith and off of support, that the basic needs for living don’t constitute under that umbrella... that missionaries don't need ice cubes.  

Through all of this we have learned that God never gives because there is a need but simply because it's His nature and character is to give. He loves relationships. He loves when people are generous towards each other. Over the years we have decided to  act in the opposite spirit of needing things by give more and more to others. It's become one of our biggest joys and privileges to be part of reflecting God' character and way through generosity. SO this is an invitation to come alongside Uli and I and to be a part of God's provision! 

If you are interested in helping us FILL THE MANNCHEN then please support us with some new appliances and furniture, by pressing the paypal “DONATE” button. Or email us: for other ways to give!

Every amount is greatly appreciated! If you have a specific item you would like it to go towards let us know! There are some tip top perks if you do support us ;) 






Thank you so much to everyone who helped us with this beautiful beast!! 









SOFA: Our sofa story is one of our most favorite “uli and liz” stories. I’m sure Uli would love to tell you all about the time his dear little wife asked him to haul a sofa off the side of the road while on a Liz and the Lions tour and load it into a van full of equipment and people! Only to find out that this sofa had actually belonged to an elderly person in a retirement home that we think had recently died. Yup. (not my shinning moment!)  So that’s what we’ve been sitting on the past 4 years : ) We’ve tried 3 times to clean it and make it beautiful, but it’s a stubborn one! Uli told me back then when he was loading it into the van that he just wished that someday he could buy me a nice NEW sofa. Well, we are believing this day will come soon! We’d love a comfy new sofa that comes without stains, old people smells and broken legs! How about a night of gaming it up with Uli if you support this one? Best night of your life. Guaranteed. 





DINNING ROOM TABLE: Our dinning room table is actually an old desk with broken legs that was given to us as a "temporary fix" over a moving weekend… 4 years ago. We’d love to buy some wood and build ourselves a beautiful table that we can eat dinner around and play games and be merry with our friends! If you support us in this, you can for sure come over for a home cooked meal and game night! 



DRYER: We’ve never had one! Would be the most luxurious thing we own! We’ll do your laundry? That’s about all we can think of! 



T   H   A   N   K     Y   O   U