4. Y.E.A.R. A.N.N.I.V.E.R.S.A.R.Y!!


4 YEARS! WE HAD THE BEST ANNIVERSARY THUS FAR! We say that every year. But really. It was wonderful! Or maybe the company just keeps getting better and better! Being married to this crazy one has been the most wild, dangerous, smartest and most adventurous decision I've ever made, and I repetitively make the same one year after year loving it. Love him. Loving my life with him. I mean, what's not to love about a bearded German man who lives his life more adventurously then the super heroes he has inspired his life by. Brings life, laughter, wisdom and joy to pretty much everyone he meets (including the old grumpy ladies at check out lines.) Wears plaid shirts with ninja turles caps and still manages to look cool. Brings the best out of me. And of course and most importantly... who I see Jesus in the most. 

I've heard it from many people. But I say it most: "everyone needs an Uli".

So our day.... I'm gonna brag about it. And share about it. Because it was just so good. And lately life's been hard. And it just made it all the sweeter. (disclaimer: lots of photos and cheesy romance. sorry. Don't like. Don't read.) 

We started off with Gabriella making us yummy lattes and taking a cute little photo of us out by the garden. 

Then we went downtown (Nuremberg) and went to the cutest little cafe we've always wanted to check out: La Violetta (http://www.la-violetta.de/violetta_flash.html) It's just adorable. Chandeliers. beautiful knick knacks I'd love to fill my house with. Awesome coffee, quiches and cheesecake- yum! I got to sit down with my hubby for the first time in weeks and just enjoy a nice coffee and conversation that wasn't work related. So nice. So needed. So good. 

We then moseyed  around the city. Found some macaroons. Went to the library. And bought ourselves an anniversary gift for our new apartment. None other then a boars head for the wall! Don't worry, it's a stuffed animal. We're weird. :) 

We were given two tickets to a sauna at the Kristall Palm Beach (http://www.palm-beach.de) When we came in we realized it's more then a sauna, it's a freaking water park! With slides and lazy rivers and FUN! Uli had me go on every slide (accept the one where the floor drops out and you pretty much fall to your doom. Nope. You're on your own babe) But all the rest were a blast! We were the only adults there who weren't attending their children and we loved it. We did go to the sauna at the end. Where I had one of the most European culture shocks ever. Lets just say there was a whole lot of old nakedness. again. Nope. 

Uli and I then had our yearly anniversary sushi dinner. So good. Even better- it's a 2 min walk from our new apartment! I put on a red dress because ladies... always put on a red dress for your man.

Then we went and had coffee at the river. Found the love lock bridge. Didn't have lock. felt sad. Got happy again when we decided to see a movie. Saw 22 Jump Street. Laughed a lot. And ended the evening walking the midnight streets of Nuremberg eating pizza and smiling. 

So yes. I get the best man ever. Every day of my life. Yay me.