This past week in England will forever go down in the Mannchen history as one of our most favorite celebration weeks ever... apart from our wedding week of course. Our to close friends Ruth and Taylor got married! Uli and I flew over a week early to help them prepare for the wedding. When we arrived at the airport we were greeted with a huge hand made sign that said "welcome to the uk!" It was quite epic… pretty sure everyone in the airport wanted to kill us yankees who couldn't stop whaling and laughing loudly… oops. 

The week was filled with lots of little treasures, like the RV that was given to Uli and I to use as our little "home" for the week. We were extremely excited about this because yet again God provided our own little home during a season of being "nomads". We spent the week with incredible  dinners, folk festivals, the new X men movie, bachelorette parties- that consisted of high tea and a 1920's styled dinner and a bachelor party for King Tay who dressed as a lady gorilla most the night. Just an over all awesome week of fun and celebrations. Not to mention lots and lots of tea. Of course.

We worked hard preparing everything. A team of us spent time decorating, organizing flowers, hanging bunting and last min shopping. Getting the bride and groom primped and proper. And over all  creating a dream wedding filled with: yurts, folk dancers, pinatas, ice cream trucks, cakes and candy tables, chocolate fountains, dancing until 2 am and lots of lots of fun … it was an epic, EPIC wedding. We were exhausted by the end of the week, but there is nothing better in life then preparing something beautiful and life giving to the people you love the most: TOTALLY WORTH IT! 

We absolutely loved seeing our friends get married and starting this new season in their lives. We had the privilege of Uli being a groomsmen and I being the maid of honor. We were honored to stand side by side these two as they moved forward in life.  We could not picture better spouses for each other. They are two of the most wild, adventurous, untamed, creative, brilliant, Goldy and loving people we know. We've had the privilege of walking side by side them over the years and we are excited for the next adventures to come for Mr. and Mrs. Pool!

We ended our time in England in London for the day. Uli and I tooled around the city and went to some of our favorite spots. We had coffee with our friends and just tried to wind down from the week. We are back in Nuremberg now. Still house hunting. We were extremely disappointed when we found out in England that the house we applied for wasn't given to us. We are back to drawing board and could use as much prayers as possible! But it's good to be back. Good to be pioneering. Good to be moving forward in our new adventures!