I am Liz, who will most like be writing the majority of these blog post, and my lovely husband is Uli. We met 7 years ago here in Germany at a YWAM base in Herrnhut. YWAM, which stands for Youth With A Mission, is one of the largest international missions organizations. And we love being apart of it!

I am from Orlando, Fl and Uli is from Franconia, Germany. Uli and I both started our journeys with YWAM by doing a 6 month Discipleship Training School, or DTS as we like to call it. Uli did his school in 2007 and then staffed mine I in 2008- where we met. Nope, it wasn't love at first sight. In fact, Uli pretty much thought I was one of the most annoying, difficult student at time- which I was :) ...but more about that later. 

Both of our DTS schools were focused on the arts. Uli is a photographer and musician and I am a musician and illustrator. Our schools focused on ways for artist to use their gifts and talents to serve on the mission field. Towards the ends of our schools we both felt called to go into missions long term. After spending 6 months learning about the character and nature of God and traveling to countries like Chad, Ethiopia and India, we couldn't imagine doing anything else with our lives then missions- we were hooked!

After my DTS in 2008 Uli and I and a small group of friends decided to go away for a week and pray into our future. We all felt called to stay in Herrnhut and start an arts ministry at our base, but had no clue how that would look. We retreated for a week in Scotland. We prayed. Dreamed. Brainstormed. Freak out and eventually came to the conclusion that we all wanted to use our art and our God given talent to serve the lord and serve the poor. 

Pick a Pocket was birthed. It's focus is to embody the Gospel wherever we go, serve people trapped in extreme poverty, create art, raise awareness about ways to transform communities and forge new connections between the developed and developing world.  We are challenging people to pick one person’s pocket to fill with basic needs, hope, value and change. To Pick a Pocket. 

Uli and I, plus our two other friends Ruth and Rebecca were appointed leaders. Uli and I soon had to become friends. Uli soon had to start liking me : ) After a few months of working along side of each other, building and creating this ministry, it was inevitable- my irresistible charm wore off on him and he was hook- weeeEeeeee!  We wed two years later in 2010 in the forest of Uli's grandfather and where Uli grew up. There was a parade. Forest animals decorated the tables and ceremony. Friends danced in a barn and I wore a dress with white feathers. Yes. Uli and I live our lives like fairy tales and we love it. 

The past 8 years we've been traveling the world. Making art. Making friends. Making changes.  We love our lives. We love each other. We love our God. And we'd LOVE to share it all with you. 

I'll do my best to update this blog as much as possible. Bare with me, and my spelling. Spell check can only go so far for a dyslexic  girl like me ; ) And no, spelling mistake comments are not necessary- I'm 27, if I can't spell by now, I don't think I ever will... so my father says ;)

If you'd like to know more about us and what we do, check out this video made by Taylor Pool- our now co leader and good friend!