Well, we survived our first week in Nuremberg- and we are loving it! We packed up our whole apartment, fit everything we needed for the next two months in our car, left the rest in a stored attic and set off: full of hope, full of life and full of excitement for our new adventures!

For the last week and the rest of the month our living quarters are in a small little apartment that has generously been given to us to use for free- which is still mind blowing! We are spending our days introducing ourselves to this grand new city. Still learning to call it home, while trying to find an actual home... plus the support to afford it : ) 

We daily find ourselves dealing with "culture shock", but the best kind culture shock! Every corner we turn widens our eyes with new possibilities and amazement.  Coffee shops we call our "offices." Trams that take us wherever we want to go. Hole-in-the-wall falafel restaurants that make your mouth water and donut stands that make you rethink your diet. Places to shop that don't cost you an hours drive. City friends to meet up with at saturday flee markets. Photo stores for Uli to drool over. Architecture that flood the streets with charm. People who actually smile and greet you. Castles, towers and stones walls that make you feel like you live in a fairy tale. And a city that just screams history, culture and passion: WE <3 NÜRNBERG

I grew up in a city. Orlando, Fl . But for some reason I'm shocked here daily. I finally feel like my sweet little Franconian husband who grew up in small village called Ort and now moved to a big city! Side note- "Ort" literally means "place" in German... can you imagine growing up in a village so small it's called "place"-HA, I love it!! It's a magical village- go visit and ask Uli's mom to make you some Schnitzel.  Anyways... for the past 7 & 8 years we lived in Herrnhut, which has the population of 3,500 people- half of which are YWAMers ;). Moving to a "big city" (aka, 500,000 people) is quite the transition for us. But man are we loving it!  

This city is our new play ground. A place to start dreaming big, creating beyond boundaries and investing long term. We want to put our roots down deep in this city. Grow as big as the sky lets us and bare fruit for generations to profit from. We want to be used for the eternal plans of our father and spend every day searching for treasures He has buried here for us to find from the beginning of time. We want it!