We've been so exhausted getting everything together that we've forgotten to just pause and celebrate and share. Tomorrow... TOMORROW we are opening up The White Rabbit

The White Rabbit is an artist collective focused on empowering and supporting artists.
Through community and creative workspace, we aspire to give artists the platform they need to impact society locally, regionally, and globally.

Ten years. No, over Ten years. We've been dreaming about this space. Planning for it. Failing at it. Trying it one way. Then another. Giving up. Being crushed by it. Letting it shatter and fall apart. Then beyond all logic, getting up and trying it one last time. And somehow... this time it's actually working. It's completely different than we first imagined, and yet, it's exactly what it should be.

We’ve been so quite about it because we didn’t want to bring the world in on this before we knew it would work. It’s taken longer and more than we thought to bring this baby to life. Building it up from scratch. And I mean from scratch…we’ve been neck high in construction the last year building this co-op space for artists. Tearing down ceilings, building up walls. Registering non profits, breaking down old mindsets on how to do things. It’s been like baking a chocolate cake, one you’ve been dreaming of eating for so long, but with ingredients you’ve never worked with before, and still trying to get that taste right. And guys, let me just say, the cake is good!


We named it the White Rabbit, because "Following the White Rabbit" can mean two things. Either "you're onto something, don't give up on following that White Rabbit." Or "give up, you're chasing a White Rabbit ghost that leads to nowhere." That equal level of uncertainty of brilliance and insanity is exactly what most artists feel on a day to day basis with their journey of their art, and exactly what this place has required in order to build, and exactly how we’ve felt.

Most days we have felt we are chasing a ghost. The vision impossible to bring to life, especially with only a 4 person team. The budget too big for our empty pockets. The culture to dark to welcome something so colorful. The support to little. And us too exhausted to hammer any more walls, paint anymore chairs, fight anymore.

But today... we're so glad we didn't give up! For today we’ve finally seen where this White Rabbit was leading us all along and we’re beyond grateful for the surprise ending!

We will share more about this journey later. But for now, back to hammering….

If you’re in town tomorrow, please come! We’ll open our doors and you can see all the space. The exhibition. The live music from local artists. The animation video (also made by local artists Dina Manevich and Sandra Wengrzyk) and much, much more! COME