Liz and Uli, married since 2010,  have formed an eminent partnership having worked together on various successful, global art projects for social causes. Currently, alongside their personal art endeavors, The Mannchens are running the “White Rabbit”, a co-op art space in Nürnberg, Germany focused on empowering and supporting artists. Through community and creative workspace, they aspire to give artists the platform they need to impact society locally, regionally, and globally. Along with impacting the artist and the art sphere, they channel the proceeds from the White Rabbit to influence and transform areas of the poorest and needy parts of the world.

In 2008 they co-founded the non-profit organization "Pick a Pocket", serving people in extreme poverty through projects in developing countries like Ethiopia and India, supported and funded by the arts and a group of artists they worked with.  

The Mannchens focus is to embody their art wherever they go, support other artists, serve people trapped in extreme poverty, raise awareness about ways to transform communities and forge new connections between the developed and developing world. 

They believe in artists. They believe they have a unique influence and authority in our world unlike any other. That their voice can shape, provoke, effect, and move our society in either a positive or negative way. That, in the right community that not only supports that voice but guides, believes and helps direct it, they can see artists bringing great change to our world for the better and be part of discovering that vision with them.

The Mannchens: inspired, quirky, and led by grace. Looking directly at the world, through a redeemed lens, and establishing art, reformation and truth wherever they go.